Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Decline of Western Civilization Part III

Just a couple of images from the Ozzy show that Jake and I attended on Halloween night. In the picture with me hugging the "ultimate metal dude" you'll notice he has a weeping cold sore. Nice touch. We found him pacing, yelling and pumping his fist in the lobby of the Target Center. A wise man indeed, he quickly reminded us "that picture is going to be worth something some day". Thank you fine sir, thank you.

P.S. UMD (Ultimate Metal Dude) smelled like crystal meth and Budweiser in case you were wondering.


theryanburk said...

Next to that guy you're hundreds of times more attractive than you are when you're standing next to me.

R. Falch said...


Ever go to a show like Ozzy and wonder what the fuck those people do when they aren't seeing Ozzy shows?

minx said...

Totally. Say, what does Casey do when he's not at an Ozzy show?

theryanburk said...

Grooms his chin hairs.