Monday, November 26, 2007

The Secret of Cheryl

So I just remembered that I once named a baby snapping turtle, "The Secret of Cheryl". I'm not going to explain why, but let's just say it made perfect sense in 86. I have also just been enlightened to the fact that Casey once named a tortoise "Tennis". 

We come up with smart and funny things now sometimes...but our younger brains could really come up with some shiz. Funny pet names anyone?

porn name = rainbow harrison by the way.


theryanburk said...

In college I had a pet newt named, Fatty Newt. Because he was fat. And a newt.

Todd Grabe said...

When I was about 6 there was some kids down the block who had a Slip and Slide. I wanted to rock it super bad but my mom said I couldn't since I didn't know who they were. I quickly came up with a lie and responded, "I do too, their names are Starkly and Farkly".

R. Falch said...

You two were obviously SUPER baked.