Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Social Networking with the Original Beast Godfather

Gary Koelling and Steve Bendt on Social Beasting

Gary Koelling and Steve Bendt were Best Buy advertising guys in search of better information about the customer experience. Their first stop was the blue shirt sales associates on the floor of Best Buy stores who interact with customers everyday.

In their quest they developed an internal communications platform that generated thousands of conversations across the company. The result, more information, more issues, more solutions, more ideas, more impact — and a corporate culture that is beginning to appreciate that buy-in brings out the best in employees.

Your friend and Lord Beast, Gary Koelling is dropping some serious knowledge in this podcast on Social Networking. Wrapping your head around these concepts is probably a really good idea if you want to have a future in this business.

Brought to you by Albert Maruggi from the Marketing Edge blog.


theryanburk said...

Sometimes I doubt you're even an ad writer, He-Brew. You sound like a stern marketing wonk on Almanac.

Casey Brewer said...

I'm a fucking renaissance man Burk. Deal with it.