Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pork Roast Wins!

I would rather clean my gutters than watch a game of football, but I figured if I was forced to do so I might as well make something amazing to eat.

Here's a little garlic and ginger marinaded pork roast over a stir fry of snow peas, broccoli and red and green bell peppers. Plus a side of mixed greens tossed with a lemon vinaigrette.

On the ad-nerd tip, so far the first two ads I've seen have been blatant examples of borrowed interest. Snore.


R. Falch said...

You're such a salad tosser.

R. Falch said...

I'd rather read James Joyce than sit through any of those commercials again.

On a positive note, I saw "There Will Be Blood" this weekend and it was On The Waterfront/Captain Ron good.

DDL tore it up.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

Rather clean your gutters than watch the greatest upset in NFL history?

What's more beastly than American football?

R. Falch said...

Don't rouse him. He's a dainty beast.

Casey Brewer said...

Football is a waste of a perfectly good sunday afternoon. I can find better things to do than sit on my ass for 4 hours being inundated with what amounts to grunting and huffing and puffing by a bunch of steaming hams in Randy Moss jersey's (thanks Maddoo). If that floats your boat, all the power to you.

I made a pork roast, and it was fucking amazing.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

As Senator Clay Davis (The Wire) would say:


Football is the reason God created Sunday.

Casey Brewer said...

Football is for ritualistic tards that find pleasure in watching 60 minutes of live action over 3.5 hours of droning madness. Try this experiment, turn your volume down just a tad on your remote and listen to the announcers speak. Hopefully the volume will be just low enough where you can't hear the captain obvious reflections spewed ad nauseam. Hear that? This is what it sounds like:

Da da da du dum da daaaaaah du da du dahhhh.

I feel dumber every time a game is on in my presence.

Besides, why do you douche lords care if I like football or not?

Casey Brewer said...

And you haven't tried my garlic and ginger pork roast.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

We care as much about you as Barack Obama cares about Hillary Clinton. But when you go out of your way (as you clearly did) to pull apart the integrity of one of the finest sports traditions in American history, we can't just let that slide without retort.

My father was born and raised in rural Japan in the aftermath of WWII. He studied the culinary arts in Japan and briefly in Europe. He was the son of a clementine farmer, watched French Films, ball-room danced at Michigan State University and owned a Japanese/French fusion restaurant for nearly 2 decades.

Nothing about him was American, other than a general affinity towards alcohal, and a man's man (dare I say Superbeasts?) attitude towards life. He was, and still is old-school Japan.

In spite of all this, the man loves American football. A game that wasn't introduced to him until he first came to the United States in his mid 20's. But why? Why this complex, rule-ridden, glorified version of rugby that hardly resembles anything in his home land of the rising son?

Why? Because its the fastest, most strategic, most violent, team-oriented, sophisticated embodiment of athletic competition that has ever been. It involves so many different kinds of athletes, all doing their highly specialized part to achieve a common goal. No sport comes close in this regard.

If basketball is post-big band jazz--then football is a massive symphony orchestral tradition. From Bach to Rachmaninoff, Bart Star to Randy Moss, football combines the raw testosterone of ancient manhood with the sophistication of American ingenuity to produce a game as unique as Baseball or Ice Hockey.

Football is the new Americana. While I love baseball (as every red-blooded American should), no sport achieves the same visceral impact, at the same time, challenges intellectually as football does.

Football is war. Pure, un-blemished and in its most sacred form. Not the evil manifestation of it that takes lives, is led by trans-national corporations, and political power structures--but the art of it. It's powerful, it's raw, and most importantly, it's just a fucking game. How sweet it sweet it is.

Casey Brewer said...

You've been reading too many Nike ads dude.

While the blueprint and foundation of football may come close to resembling the pastoral wank off you just described, the game as it exists today does not. It is, in my opinion, a jingoistic hand-job of a spectacle. A vessel to carry shitty domestic beer to the dull mass too lazy to realize how mind-numbingly boring it is to watch 9 out of 10 games.

Football is "American as apple pie" because they tell you that every 2.5 seconds of every game.

I don't really care all that much for Sports in general, besides basketball.

You're free to you're own opinion, I'll stick to my pork roast. Thanks.

Casey Brewer said...

Another thing, a Superbeast isn't inherently a "manly man".

No, a Superbeast just never settles while pushing the boundaries of everything that is awesome. Superbeasts are not gender specific.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

I can't dispute the reality that football is a vessel to sell shitty beer--but coming from NBA fan, you've got to admit there's some inconsitency.

At some point you have to be honest with yourself and know you're just buying into it. Yeah, I dig Nike--their TV, their long copy...I've chosen to eat there shit, and you've chosen to buy into basketball (as have I)--but its no less of a corporate spectacle than football is right?

Maybe you find the pauses in football boring, but I think, even more than that you can't stand the frat boys, the jocks, the ego-maniacs that use football as an excuse to drink. You can't stand ESPN's continual blowjob of the NFL. Or the assholes that go on and on about their fantasy leauges. I mostly hate all that shit too.

But hey, maybe you hate the game because you don't dig the X's and O's. I can only say I know too many close-minded people who say the same thing about baseball--and yes, the NBA.

Also, my apologies equating manhood with beasthood. Awesomeness is an equal opportunity employer, no doubt.

R. Falch said...

Baseball is obviously superior to the NFL.

I only pretend to care about the NFL to get me to March Madness, which is a perfect introduction to sweet, sweet baseball.

Casey Brewer said...

The same things that piss me off about the NFL, piss me off about the NBA. Much of it has to do with the TV spectacle, which for the NFL is much, much worse. On a purely entertainment level, I find football to be incredibly slow paced and frankly, snore inducing.

As for hating the jocks, frat boys and ESPN blowjobs? Yeah, I dislike all that shit, and it is ingrained so deeply within the sport that a casual fan can't distinguish it from the game itself.

Luckily I avoided much of "spectacle" of the NBA by having season tickets to the Wolves 5 years. Back in the good old days (before 9/11) I would bring in a backpack of leftovers and a sixer of beer to every game. It was the best thing ever.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

T-Pups look alright lately.

Question is, do you take Mayo, Beasley or Gordon?

Casey Brewer said...

I take Derrick Rose, trade McCants for a mid first rounder and move Foye to the off guard.

This team needs a real point for Jefferson to ever see his full potential.

Combing the wires for a defensive minded Center wouldn't hurt either.

chris liakos said...

I fucking love football. Specifically the Packers. I'll get drunk and go over all this in person with anyone who wants to fly to (gasp) New Mexico.

Casey Brewer said...

My point exactly.

Exhibit A: Green Bay Packers fans.