Thursday, April 17, 2008

Buddies and Hot Dogs

To stave off collapsing in a self induced coma of trans fats and beer yeast, while dodging the day-to-day blitzkrieg of adoring pull-tab pullin' cougars, fellow Superbeast and buddy Jake Lancaster has started his own blog. Dubbed the "the dumbest site on the internet", I give you Buddies and Hot Dogs.

Superbeast proudly supports buddies.


chris liakos said...

Sometimes I like to eat hot dogs with my buddies. Sometimes I'm full so I just like to hang out with my buddies.

Then there are the times when I'm by myself and I just like to eat a hot dog.

R. Falch said...

I don't eat a lot of hot dogs, but I enjoy eating a few dogs with some good buddies.

At baseball games and with beer with buddies.

Best site in the net?