Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Custom Creature Taxidermy.

For the occasion of a buddy's birthday, I paid a visit to Sarina Brewer, the mad scientist/taxidermist behind Custom Creature Taxidermy. I really suggest you check out her website. It's filled with dozens of creations ranging from the mildly unusual, like this here siamese squirrel and squirrel decanter, to the outright bizarre (I'm thinking of this little mer-monkey-like creature she calls a Fee Jee which you really have to see to believe). I left with your basic mounted squirrel head for my squirrel-loving pal. But if you've the type who harbors bigger taxidermy-related dreams (and deeper pockets--this shit ain't cheap), this is the place where those dreams come true.


Casey Brewer said...

Sarina Brewer is of no relation to me, although, now I wish she was.

Casey Brewer said...

That decanter is amazing. My birthday is July 23rd.

theryanburk said...

That decanter is 435 bones. Could I buy you a drink or two instead?