Monday, May 26, 2008

Cougar Den

I was restless on Sunday night. I hadn't done anything all weekend but work in my yard. I sent out the bat signal to a bunch of folks and...nothing. Around 11:45 my buddy Maddoo called me stating that he was going to Bunkers. Bunkers? I haven't stepped foot in that bar since I was a premature superbeast. What could possibly be the attraction to Bunkers?

Maddoo's dear wife Kryss works for the Ink Lab, a local tattoo parlor. Apparently they had a guest tattoo artist visiting from California. While he was painting some fair lady, she invited him to Bunkers to watch none other than Dr. Mambo's Combo. Since this young lad was visiting from out of town, he convinced Maddoo, his wife and Cha Cha to escort him there.

Oooh, escort, bad choice of words.

I arrived at Bunkers shortly after midnight. It was Sunday evening and the crowd had spilled onto the street. A crowd of all shapes, sizes, and colors. There was however one consistent theme. Apparently everyone at Bunkers is a cougar. All hot-to-trot middle aged women looking to real themselves in a cub.

I captured this beautiful specimen hanging out with none other than Phil Collins.

Special props go out to Nussbaum who made a special appearance with his moustache.


Nussy said...

The moustache loves the late night bunker roll.

I was upfront and captured this gem of Dr. O:

Donnie said...

1) For real cougar hunting go where the money is, like Redstone.

2) Nussy - What kind of douchebag sits to play bass? "Man, I gotta sit down, all this funk is making me tired."

Casey Brewer said...

Donnie, you sound like an expert on the "Big Cats".

Donnie said...

There's a reason I call my pad the Crow's Feet Nest.

Neerland said...

Is that Elizabeth Taylor?

Longgone said...

Oh the times i've had at the Bunker! I flash back to some great Twin city memories as read this post. I wonder if Mick Sterling still plays there..