Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Days of Our Lives

So a good buddy sent me this little ad nerd nugget yesterday, and frankly I've read it like 30 times now. Why you may ask? Because I find it absolutely mind-boggling how seriously some take themselves in this advertising community. The drama that unfolds here in the comments section of this poorly spelled blog post reveal an interesting dynamic. The "Tool Hater" is the quintessential agency "Debbie Downer", the negative soul sucking force that always thinks it's better elsewhere. While you're pouring in hours trying to solve a client's problems with nary a shred of sanity left, this dude is tuning up his resume or quoting an editorial from the newest ad rag like he coined it himself. Eww.

The thing is, I don't necessarily disagree with his criticisms of the local ad community. I do think he comes off like an abrasive prick with an obvious axe to grind with his present employer. I also think his criticisms of Colle + McVoy and some of the newer shops in town are a bit unfounded. Some of the other Superbeasts can defend their own turf as they know it better than I, but my perceptions differ from Tool Hater's.

The main point of this post is that some just need to get over themselves. We all aspire to do brilliant creative work, and to some an agency is nothing more than a vessel for that end result. Some also rally around their place of employment to create an environment where creativity is holistic. I would like to think Superbeasts shoot for the latter.


lee said...

I don't know who that asshole is or if he even works here. Regardless, i fucking love it at C+M. There's no rain on my p-rade.

Casey Brewer said...

That a kid Lee.

chris liakos said...

Thanks for the link, Brew.

I find this kind of thing sad, funny, entertaining and ugly all at the same time.

I'm convinced every agency has their good days and bad, good clients and bad, good pizza places they order from and bad, good weed hookups and bad, and so on. I'm less than a year into my career and I feel as though I could write for hours on the subject. I'm sure you all feel the same. And as a former MPLSer, now on the outside looking in, I found that thread particularly telling.

I think the bottom line is this: Is KG really gonna bow out AGAIN to a lesser opponent? C'mon Celtics, it's time to rise up.

Donnie said...

I like that someone outed Colin as the real Tool and then Colin sprang to his own defense (as himself), "uh-doi, I don't even get how teh interwebs work."

Nary a bulb ever shined so bright.

Anonymous said...

rock on brother. be a part of the solution. that's all you need to remember.

i was taught that it's ok to COMPLAIN but you better have a SOLUTION to go along with it.

remember folks, there's bundles of creatives out there that want your top-tier agency job. complaining with little or nothing else to offer gets you nowhere fast and that usually means the door. consider yourselves fortunate and perhaps lucky to work in a revered ad town like mpls.

the doom and gloom folks who constantly complain should be jettisoned.

advertising and design is an emotional business where relationships are key. afterall, we appeal to people's emotions to sell them shit. it's called the art of persuasion. we know emotion forwards and backwards. just don't wear it on your sleeve. not even in this business.

-the uncs

Casey Brewer said...

Superbeast crashed the party, in this case the party happens to be a hornet's nest of pissing and moaning ad nerds. Snore!

Stay above the fray!

Looks like my boy KG stepped up big time last night. Go Celtics!

Anonymous said...

slagging people can be fun but whenever i feel the urge, i try and remember this quote by eleanor roosevelt...

she said, and i paraphrase:

"people with great minds talk about ideas. people with ordinary minds talk about events. and, people with feeble minds talk about other people.

-the uncs

BlogFoot said...

It's an imperfect business model, this industry is. Art at the beck and call of commerce? Bound to create tension and unhappiness. My sincere advice is to be professional and work hard while in the office, then forget about it the second you leave and enjoy your time with family, friends or whatever substance you use to put a smile on your face. None of us will be doing this by the time we're 50, so why get all bent out of shape about it?

Neerland said...

Tool Hater ain't no 'beast.

Casey Brewer said...

The truth.

I love you guys, each and every one.