Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin R.I.P.

I was bummed this morning to find one of my favorite comedians died this weekend. Growing up I loved Carlin's observations and sometimes politically charged humor and rants. One of the greats.


Anonymous said...

rented a car a few weeks back while home to see the parents. the rental had satellite radio, and i began listening to carlin on some comedy channel. he started some funny rant about young yuppie variants who wear too much fleece, listen to steely dan and never touch their kids ("but they should because, they'll thank ya for it later"). he was able to paint this lucid illustration that was absolutely hillarious.

it spoke to me because i'm a SD fan and have worn my share of fleece. anyway, sad to see the funny bastard go.

-the uncs

Casey Brewer said...

I never really got into Carlin until recently. I think it mostly had to do with his appearances on various "Late Night" talk shows where his brand of humor was stunted due to the censors. I finally caught some of his older live material and enjoyed it immensely.

Between this and Pryor's death, comedy has lost as couple of gems.

fun_guy said...

i need to laugh

Anonymous said...

found it on itunes:

it's called "baby slings" and it's worth the download.

the thing i've learned about carlin is that, like many great comics, he makes no one feel safe. if you're easily offended or take yourself too seriously, don't listen.

-the uncs

chris liakos said...

when I was a kid, i was watching an HBO special of his where he was breaking down the bullshit language the airline industry uses. Two of my favorites that for some reason have stuck with me to this day, and I even quoted one of them yesterday while flying from MSP to Albuquerque:

Flight Attendent: "You may now get on the plane"

George Carlin: "Fuck you, Evil Knievel can get on the plane, I'm getting IN the plane."


FA: "We will be on the ground shortly"
GC: "Well, thats a little vague, isn't it?"

Anyway, the guy was an incredible fan and master of words and language and no small inspiration to me as a writer. He'll be missed.

BlogFoot said...

He was indeed a seminal comedian. Plus, he looked like my dad, who has also shrugged off this mortal coil. My dad also loved Carlin, so I always associated them with each other. Bummer.