Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm Late

Per usual I'm late to the party. I've had a particularly crazy week at work and I'm learning how to ride a motorcycle. Because of my brief hiatus from the outside world, I forgot to mention a few things.

First, let me give some respect to Barack Obama. I've been following this dude's political career since he was a community organizer in Chicago. Friends that live there had proclaimed him a bona fide potential candidate for the President of the Untied States as long as 6 years ago. This is the man for the job, and this superbeast is looking forward to 8 long years of his awesomeness.

Pictured is Barack, or "Barry's" senior yearbook photo montage. I fucking love it. Not only does this dude ball, but he was down with rocking a pretty fresh "natural", and the lapels? Damn!

Other Business:

The "Date From Hell Story" shattered records for hit counts and comments. In 4 days we had over 100,000 unique posters. The story was acknowledged on the blog of pulitzer prize winning author Dave Barry. A porn site gave us props. And Minneapolis kids finally had something to talk about at the bars for two solid weeks.

The story was in fact real, but I can't blame the superbeast family member that was involved for choosing not to go on a second date. Sorry.

Superbeast is joining forces with Spunk and Squad19 to produce this summer's Square Lake Film and Music Festival poster and handbill. We'll also be helping with the website copy. It should be pretty cool and we'll post the stuff once we have it on lock.

Film editor buddy Todd Grabe is up for an Emmy for his work on PBS's Dragonfly TV. Kudos Todd. We're very proud.

Also, props to Mancaster for bringing home a Radio Mercury Award. I deserve at least a portion of the winnings.


Mike said...

Barack's the shit!

Anonymous said...


did you score a harley from work?

-the uncs

Casey Brewer said...

Nope. I took the Rider's Edge class that Harley paid for though (300$ value, 4 day class).

We have 3 "agency harleys" that I can check out whenever I want. I have the Sportster starting next Monday!

Anonymous said...

kickass. i love the 1200.

ride safe.

-the uncs

Jim said...

I like the "we go play hoop." Looks like Barry went to Tarzan Sr. High.

Anonymous said...

and barack's a compelling guy. a brilliant politician. he knows how to wax "appeal".

but, is he long on charm and short on substance?

be objective. look past the pretty vaneer.

i consider myself a moderate and have considered voting for the guy.

he won't take any money from big oil. that says something.

but, the colossal charm scares me. i think he has a spell on some.

dialog anyone?

-just a few opinions from the...
the uncs

R. Falch said...

do you need anything else besides "compelling guy" and "brilliant politician"?

and frankly, we all know that unless they reanimate john McCain halfway through his term, we'll end up with t-paw or that clown from virginia...

Anonymous said...

a compelling and effective father with five children is also a brilliant politician. but that doesn't necessarily make him a good president.

we need an effective president. not a charming politician.

which is obama? i don't know yet.

-the uncs

Zachary said...

This guy doesn't have the balls to meet with General Petraeus, visit Iraq, or meet with key Iraqi politicians who are all scared shitless that this guy will get elected, withdraw U.S. troops, and allow the twisted Iranians with all of their anti-semitic blather to roll right in(and that's change you can believe in once Obama's elected).

That and he doesn't know anything about the economy. Behold: American people will just go ahead and elect the wrong guy again because his political base perceives him to be "cool" a la W's base thought him to be "cool" in '98.

C U lemmings on the Carteresque "World Tyrants Tour."

Also please note that the French want him to win.

Casey Brewer said...

Doesn't have the balls?

What is this a Monster Truck Rally?

Unfortunately for you, the vast majority of people that I know that are Obama supporters actually do understand his platform.

If you turn off the pablum being spewed by cranks on the TV and actually read and comprehend where the guy stands, you might just learn something.

Zachary said...

I'd rather have a president who can hold his own in a monster truck rally than one who want to sip tea with the Iranians.

Doesn't Obama remember that the guy he wants to meet with was one of the Iranian hostage-takers of the early 80s? How about his scientific expo where he invited David Duke and other distinguished speakers to support his holocaust denial rhetoric?

But let's meet with this joker anyway. . . . This guy really does have a Carter fetish. Where's the dignity?

We shouldn't be that surprised, as he's used to taking counsel from people with freakishly ignorant views, i.e. Rev. Wright and the Weather Underground, and criminals, i.e. Tony Rezko anyway.

But seriously, he's a great speaker.

Casey Brewer said...

Sounds like a Sean Hannity, verbatim.

Seriously dude, turn off the pablum babble. You'll be much better off.

Zachary said...

Question Obama bad

Casey Brewer said...

Questioning Obama is just, and part of the process. Spewing bullshit propaganda is another thing entirely.

Suggesting that Obama echoes the viewpoints that Bill Ayers did 40 years ago is mind numbingly dumb. I saw Bill Ayers speak at a reading 4 years ago. Does that make me a terrorist?

Suggesting that Obama sides with the vitriolic sound bites of a his one time Pastor would go directly against what the man has stood for his entire life, both on and off the record.

Suggesting that Obama's relationship with Rezko involved illegal activity is false. He has admitted to bad judgement from the land purchase because of Rezko's infamy, but the deal was above board and legal by all findings.

If we're going to play the name association game, do we really want to involve other politicians that were and are involved in this race? How much time ya got?

Anonymous said...

hey man, people with opinions and convictions. that's what i like. that's what this country needs more of. that is, backbone. yep, backbone.

come on people... come out and talk about this shit. it's important. you may inspire some.

p.s. although i think it's important to listen to the far right and the far left media and then draw your own conclusions (how could you not?), i'm over giving conservative talk radio a chance. those bastards are just trying to protect their 7 fiqure incomes hence their rants against obama. they're just looking out for themselves and hannity sprays more lies than uber clinton supporter, terry mccullough. that doesn't give obama a pass however, if you listen closely, he incrementally adjusts his rhetoric depending on whatever the media is saying about him. i suppose that's politics and that aint much backbone folks but mccain's no straight talker either. he tries to please too many. he's soft and will probably lose because of it.

-the uncs

Anonymous said...


the truth of the matter is that there's not much difference between the far right and the far left. both are hard liners and think in linear terms. that is, they don't have much tolerence for other people's ideologies.

whether we like it or not, we need the far left and far right in this country. they help define a political spectrum that inspires voters to make educated decisions.

-the uncs

Anonymous said...

just an observation:

since obama's widespread acceptance and popularity, i've noticed a subtle and implicit ease between the races here in d-town. there's less tension. people are more civil towards one another.

the interesting thing about obama is that his charisma seems to transcend the issues he stands for. it's a jfk factor. it's a certain persuasion that could bring us together and who wants to be divided? maybe the hard right or hard left but not me. dictators like hitler and mussolini also had this talent, but we're all aware of their demise.

that's what makes obama fascinating. he'll either greatly unite us or sadly divide like we've never seen before.

-the uncs