Monday, June 23, 2008

Real Nasty Boy

This is the hot ride Martinez used to chase tail with in High School. We found this picture while we were helping him move last weekend. At first I thought it might be a tad bit ironic that he drove a fucking Camaro, but on second thought he probably thought this car was really cool.

In retrospect, it really is.

I can just see him combing the Arcade parking lots looking for freshmen gals in their Z Cavaricci jeans and fuck-me mall bangs. Something tells me 'Ol Nasty Boy had a couple of gold chains at his disposal, and perhaps some serious Geddy Lee jams playing on those Rockford Fosgates.

I wonder if he had a nickname, like "The Nez", or "Just-Ice". That would surely add to the enigma.

He's moving to NYC to commandeer Spunk East and we wish him well. If you see him sitting in the corner perving out, buy him a hot-dog and a stoli soda. You'll be fast friends.

Good luck buddy!


Anonymous said...

it's funny how some cars become more desirable with age. who would have thought that a hemi cuda convertible would be worth well over a million bucks today? they weren't even that popular in their day. makes you wonder which modern day cars will be worth that kind of money in 40 years.

-the uncs

austin said...

Salame, Justin, Salame!

Casey Brewer said...

Over and out good buddy.