Friday, August 1, 2008

Hot Damn, 'Dem is Good Dogs!

Just a sampling of the kind of high quality dogs available. Hungry? I sure was.

This is the mural painted on the side of the building alerting these buddies of the deliciousness that awaits.

Just a few delicious dogs ready to be destroyed.

The Wienery.

Today for lunch, good buddy Steve "Squad 19" Tenebrini joined the Superbeast for a little afternoon jaunt to The Wienery. We rode the motorcycles like a couple of Wild Ones, I was on the Harley and he was on the Triumph.

While playing Ponch and John was fun, the real goal of our mission was to attack some serious Vienna all-beef wieners. We arrived at the Wienery shortly before 1 pm and waited in line for approximately a half hour. It was well worth it.

This beast threw down a Maxwell Street, and world the famous Drive-Through. Steve challenged his own intestinal fortitude by devouring a Hairy Brain and a Chicago dog.

As one dog fan to another, let me just say that these dog's are fucking savory. So savory in fact that we contemplated eating a few more. The cool thing about The Wienery is that everything is made to order. Fresh, delicious flavors explode all over your taste buds before sliding down to their infernal resting place deep within your belly.

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Not Dickless said...

Just don't look too closely at the "ambiance". But on the plus side, you can always write your name on the wall through the grease.