Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'll redesign your face!

In an effort to relentlessly hemorrhage money, many big corporations love to spin their wheels demanding nonsensical revisions. Many of us mired in Ad Nerdia live and breathe this shit on a daily basis. Some of us, like myself, spend these meetings rolling our eyes and mouthing f-bombs without making a sound. It really gets good when you were right the first time, but it took 3 weeks, countless hours, and enough tweaks to fill a meth lab to eventually find out what you already knew. To release the built up rage that boils in my loins, I tend to kick garbage cans and punch things that are on my desk. Sometimes all you'll hear of me is a tiny whimper and a tear landing awkwardly on my keyboard.

This is as close a portrayal of bad client interaction that this superbeast has seen, and frankly I think it is spot on.

It has been slow as molasses in Superbeast Nation lately. What we need is a big old bitch session to air out our white knuckled fury. What say you?

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