Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Never Too Late to Give Up and Start Raising Goats.

Do you hate yourself? Then perhaps you'll love this commercial. I haven't experienced this much pure rage in a long time. Around Superbeast, we really celebrate the more badass things in life, but I think we may forget about the things that are really horrible, such as this commercial.

The best part for me, is playing out the process in my head. Someone came up with this idea and I assume a few more. Probably a couple other teams were working on it too. So the idea is presented. And other teams then present their ideas. Out of all the ideas in the room, this is chosen to move forward. Yes, I know. Good ideas get killed and clients fuck things up...blah blah blah. It doesn't change the fact that someone paid a lot of money to produce this and people sat on a set somewhere dictating exactly how they should be motivated during their delivery of "Go Meat".

One time, I had a couple hours to come up with new scripts for a telecommunications company and presented a man who won his friend's left arm in a bet and he could now use all three products (high speed internet, cable tv and home phone) at once! And it made it to the last round of testing where the blue hairs in Fort Meyers were "repulsed and turned off" by his third arm. It's all quite funny to me.

Got any shitty ideas that you've presented? Lay 'em on me...

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Casey Brewer said...

Funny, if this commercial was about hot dogs or BBQ ribs, I would probably think it was genius.