Friday, August 29, 2008

Timeless as Mona Lisa

Just when you thought all they did was produce wickedly rad posters, tee shirts and other non-book form pieces of merchandise, Aesthetic Apparatus went and made a book!

The book is called "Misplaced Groceries" and it's a great idea.

Here are the rules of photographing misplaced groceries: a) no "conscious misplacing" of your own groceries b) no touching any of the misplaced groceries c) no touching anything surrounding the misplaced groceries.

Here are some examples.

Buy it here.

This post assures that I'll get a portion of the profits, which should be enough to get me a rickshaw ride to work.

1 comment:

Casey Brewer said...

This book is pretty neat. Put it on the list of cool things all the art directors at my work will have on their desks in the coming months.