Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brew's Views #1

Rant 1: Mudslinging.

For those of us living in 'Merica, we're currently inundated in the heated finale of the presidential campaigns of one John McCain and Barack Obama. It's getting ugly.

There's no secret where this beast stands politically (flamboyantly liberal), so I won't whitewash what I'm about to say. I'm getting incredibly frustrated with how the McCain campaign has been steering attention away from the issues, while attempting character assassination against his opponent. It's a tired tactic of the RNC, made completely laughable by one Karl Rove. While Rove is supposedly not involved with this ticket (bullshit), Schmidt has these mouth breathers repeating misinformation at a machine gun pace.

The William Ayers stuff, for an example, is pretty ludicrous. Ayers has been a contributing member of the mainstream for the past 20 years. As a professor, and expert on child rearing, familial issues, and the social dynamics that come with that. He certainly isn't a terrorist. I've seen Bill Ayers speak, at Ruminator Books in St. Paul about 6 years ago. He's a scholar and a passionate proponent of the freedom of thought. Making Obama's association with the man some kind clandestine meeting of terrorist subterfuge is one giant ball of yarn force fed to the idiots in the RNC base, and the undecided chew spit swallowing Hee-Haws that are incapable of a coherent thought.

Throwing stones from a glass house is a dangerous game for John McCain.

Rant 2: Dumbing it down.

Well gosh darn it, all you hockey mom's and Joe Six-packs are inhaling this shit like a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast special. The pandering from Sarah Palin is downright nauseating, but that base of right wing fundamentalist Christian whack jobs is loving her contrived folksy pastorals. Why? Because they're working with the minimum amount of brain cells needed to hold their heads up everyday. Call me an elitist, I could give a flying fuck. I do not suffer fools.

Rant 3: Minneapolis Advertising.

Get your heads out of your butts please. We're behind the times in interactive and integrated creative solutions. So much so that agencies are losing business and great thinkers because of it.

Rant 4: Feral Cats.

Thanks for breaking into my house jerk. It was awesome that you left your disgusting odor and fleas behind. Thanks for making me have to call a Wildlife Capture Specialist to come to the house to exterminate you. It cost me $150. I'm buying the highest powered pellet gun I can find and I'm just going to start popping you fuckers when I see you in the alley. Cats suck.

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