Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Buy an Animal, Feed It to a Siberian Tiger

In the sprawling beautiful Northeast of China lies a city called Harbin. It's known for it's wonderful ice festivals, frosty local brew, Russian architecture and for it's Siberian/Manchurian Tiger reserve.

This is a place subject to much debate as it breeds a lot of tigers each year, but it also uses their love of dining on live animals as a form of entertainment.

For a nominal amount of money you can buy some live chickens, pheasants, an ox, or a cow and give it to the tigers and see who prevails. Does wanting to see this say something about us as human beings?

I've heard in Cambodia you can use fully automatic weapons and other heavy artillery generously donated by the Soviets to blow up cows and goats. Just saying that my holiday in Cambodia is going to be AWESOME.

I have two friends coming to Beijing this week and we'll see who's ready for some serious tourism. My money is that my vegetarian friend won't be up for it. She's always spoiling our fun.

Oh yeah, some of you may not want to watch either of these videos. But I bet you do.

Good day.


Tiger VS Chickens

Tiger VS Cow


Casey Brewer said...

I want a tiger to take care of the feral cat problem in my neighborhood.

This is some solid research. Well done.

Not Dickless said...

Your feral cats are just tiny tigers. Give them a chicken and watch.

But yeah, that's some cool, albeit fucked up, shit.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

Thats pretty sweet you have feral cats. They are beastly.