Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flip it. Slap it. Slug it.

Directed by: Eric Husband & Tim Blevins
Director of photography: Bo Hakala
Fingerboarding by: Taylor Rosenbauer

Some really nice work for Minneapolis stalwarts Atmosphere. Tim B. is starting over here at CL in the next couple of weeks and we're happy to have him. Welcome aboard Tim. Nice to have another Superbeast in our midst.

The talent in this video has some pretty sweet chops, no surprise that he's the world finger boarding champion.


fun_guy said...

cool finger boarding
shitty song

lee said...

I miss Tim already. He's among the best in the game. If you get the chance. Touch his balls. You'll thank me. And I'd like to respectfully disagree with fun guy. Awesome video for an awesome song.

R. Falch said...

Yeah, the bassline was nice. I still respect those guys, but I don't need to listen to them.

The fingerbanging was great though. I mean, boarding.

Casey Brewer said...

Insert pretentious music dweeb quote here:
I like the song. I mean, I haven't really listened to Atmosphere in about 8 years, but this is pretty good.

The finger boarding is radical.

Anonymous said...

That is just fucking badass.

Wonder if they'll keep bringing the heat without Fetrow at the helm.

Regardless, nice work, Colle McVoy.