Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brew Town eh? I'll be the judge of that.

Sometimes work isn't work at all. Like when your company sends you to Milwaukee to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum on their dime. Or when you get to pound Sprecher and New Glarus beers with your work buddies, before Hasselhoffing some mexican food and polishing it all off with tequila.

The museum is pretty amazing, and well worth the trip if you ever happen to be stumbling about the Cream City.

We stayed at the Iron Horse hotel. Easily the nicest establishment this wayward hobo has ever rested his haunches at. The employees of the hotel wear fake leather daddy vests with dangling dog tags and ridiculous facial hair. It's all part of the experience. From their site:

A stunning display of architecture in an historic building. An inviting place to gather, work or relax. A clever mix of sexy booths and bar dining, serving comfort food with attitude. And a mingling of business suits and biker leathers for the best people watching. It’s all here. This is The Iron Horse Hotel™, and you
have arrived.

That's Evel Knevel's Harley flying through the air at the museum. Apparently Evel had a long relationship with the Motor Company, but because he was such a drunkard, wife beating, foul mouthed piece of human shit, he didn't get as much run at the museum as you would think. The guy could sure as hell crash a motorcycle though.

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Not Dickless said...

Hasselhoffing - that's hi-larious!

Stay away from the NG Fat Squirrel - grody. But Sprecher - mmmm.

If you're a true ad geek, you could go to the Eisner Museum if you're still there.