Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Farted

A little gastrointestinal fortitude on election day? Not a chance.


fun_guy said...

i came up with the "I farted" voter sticker years ago. Biters

Casey Brewer said...

Uh oh. Beef amongst the ranks?

Anonymous said...

if you came up with the 'i farted' sticker years ago, what did you do about it?
unrealized ideas are kinda like a...fart?

fun_guy said...

Oh it was realized.
A ton stickers were made and passed out.
Which is exactly were the joke should live and not turned into a video. I wouldn't care if the video was funny. But I don't think a funny video could be made based on such a stupid joke. I suppose I really don't care too much since we're all "united" now.

Casey Brewer said...

I smell a fart.