Monday, December 29, 2008

Out on your ass? Try the Cash Flow Generator!

"I used to be scared of midgets, until they made me rich!"

Ah, the venerable Rice brothers. TV's tiniest duo and aforementioned personal late night fascination. These little buddies know more about the dolla dolla bill than I ever will.

Just to let everyone know they're not all about business, the Rice bros used to appear in television commercials for a pest control company. Obviously, all that hard work paid off because these little fuckers are serious high rollers.

Now that I'm out on my ass, I'm considering the Cash Flow Generator. Hey, it worked for these guys. Just look at their sharp suits!

1 comment:

Featherhammer said...

Quite persuasive but I'm not sure if anybody in my area gets divorced, transfers jobs, or dies.