Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey there Big Mama!

Ooooooh Weeeee! Hey there Big Mama!

My friend Thami found these comfortable crotch cuddlers at a thrift store today. Look at the packaging design, the swingin' Mountain Dew inspired type and the buxom ladies that grace the cover. Wow.

This would make a great 'zine title, or band name, or board game, or menu get the picture. This shit is universal.

The cool thing is that these lady leggings were "new & improved". So, they're more advanced than the prior year's Big Mama. More technology went into FUPA disguising. Every pair comes stocked, locked and loaded with a reusable panty. Yep, I'm as pleasantly surprised as you are.

Countless innovations were pertinent to diminishing butt dimples. Old saddle bags were lent a sleeker, sexier finish. These Big Mama's are like the foundation of any strong active wear ensemble. The building blocks to one bountiful brick house.

Lookin' good ladies, lookin' good.

Big Mama brand pantyhose with reusable panty are in no way affiliated with Fat & Depressed Worldwide® or their holding company Bonercom®.


Thami said...

I think my favorite thing about the overall awesomeness of these, is how tiny the picture of the buxom babes are in comparison to the font and the rest of the packaging! haha

Casey Brewer said...

I like how they're in a conga line.

Nichols said...

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