Friday, March 6, 2009

Classic Doug Adkins

I could read the words Doug Adkins writes all day. He's a master of sophisticated funny. Some nice, clean art direction from buddy Briana Auel as well. Way to let that copy sing and way to go Hunt Adkins!

Advertising Agency: Hunt Adkins, Minneapolis, USA
Creative Director / Copywriter: Doug Adkins
Art Director: Briana Auel
Photographer: Curtis Johnson
Published: November 2008

p.s. I had to dump one of these ditties because the file was corrupted when I stole it from Ads of the world. Look for the last of these ads there.


theryanburk said...

I saw this stuff in the beer cooler at Lowry Hill and I must say, it looks handsome as hell. But these ads don't tell me why I'd want to shell out ten bucks for a sixer of gluten-free beer. Discuss that.

Casey Brewer said...

I don't think they need to. I think they established a brand voice, and in a world inundated with micro-brew, domestics, wheat beers, peach beer, beer infused with fake lemon juice, and cider that comes in a bottle that looks like beer...that's all you can really hope for. People that are gluten intolerant have to drink this stuff if they like beer, because there isn't much else out there from what I understand.

theryanburk said...

Do gluten intolerant people (all nine of them) really require such thoughtful advertising to sell them on the only gluten free beer out there? Couldn't Doug have just as easily gone the Drinkability route and wrote a headline akin to, "It's Gluten Free" and have been done with it? Fuck it. Maybe we should just get together and discuss all this ad nonsense over a Bard's? And by Bard's I mean Furious.

austin said...

Very nice stuff. The little bit of copy under the cap is a nice touch as well.