Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exploring the Far East In North Minneapolis.

I've lived in North Minneapolis for nearly eight years now. In that time I've witnessed some pretty interesting things. From a house across the street blowing up, to a prostitute showing me her baby cave as I was stopped at a red light. On the Northside, the smell from the "spice of life" is strong enough to burn your nose hairs.

Lately though, things have been a bit tame. Maybe the Lowry Avenue revitalization has something to do with it, or the fact that the Lil' Jug liquor store closed its doors for good. The zaniness in everyday life just isn't as zany as it once was. Alas.

To keep myself entertained, I've begun capturing the neighborhood's finest asian restaurant signage. I want to share these images with you. From the kung fu fonts to the MSG induced typeface delusion, this is the Far East of North Minneapolis, in pictures:

Tell it like it is. An advertising strategy beyond reproach. I know if I was hungry for heat lamp warmed pork fried rice, I might just swerve off the road and kill a pedestrian or two after reading this sign. A Good Deal indeed.

Not to be confused with the type of "happy" you get at any number of local massage parlors. This place is a luminary on Lowry avenue. They share their building with a recording studio that promises to make your children celebrities with just a little money down.

Ah, the aforementioned Hui's. I've never eaten there, but the font on that sign sure makes me hungry.

Chow Mein Take Home resides on that really scary stretch of Broadway Avenue a half block away from that old theater where Prince used to melt panties with brutally awesome guitar riffs. Former Gopher (and brief member of the Chicago Bulls) Khalid Al-amin has a fried fish joint around there somewhere too. See, the history of Minneapolis can be found by simply looking for asian restaurant signs. I'm learnin' Ma!

Vietnam Hong Kong International shares the block with the venerable cool shoe source Friedmans. I don't know if this place is open or what. Let's just say that they're not winning any stars in City Pages with their curb appeal.

If you have any hot tips on asian restaurant signs that I might be missing, please feel free to hit me up. Keep in mind that I'm not reviewing the quality of any of these establishments. I'm just interested in the signs and the sights and sounds that surround them. And I'm bored out of my flipping mind.


theryanburk said...

This reminds me of current project: trying to locate all the old White Castle restaurants in S. Mpls. that are currently new and used accordion shops. So far, though, I only know of one.

R. Falch said...

The hilarity of Chinese translated to Chinglish in Beijing is of such an astronomical level, I will share with you in the form of my own post.

Stay tuned!

lee said...

I've got a few Chinglish examples too, Falch. I'll post mine with yours.

Neerland said...

Dood...what about giving the Joy Luck some love? Y'know, next to the Curves at Camdendale.

Next project: Northside clothing stores. Start with Ragz to Richez on Lowry and Fremont (you'll no doubt appreciate the irony of the name when you see the joint).

Casey Brewer said...

Joy Luck isn't "hood" enough John. And their sign is relatively new without much character. Frankly, I've eaten their fried rice, and liked it.

I like the clothing stores bit, and I know exactly where Ragz to Richez is. I was also thinking about all the places one can go to get their hair did.

Brett Essman said...

mai dong, saw it in a southern burb last night

Casey Brewer said...

Nice Brett.