Monday, March 16, 2009

MouseSaw Collab

On Friday night I went to the Deuce Seven opening at the Soo Gallery in Uptown. Good buddy Justin Martinez told me to check out fellow Spunkster Lucas Richards of the Mousesaw crew, who was showing his wares in Gallery Too. The work was pretty dope, and definitely worthy of some superbeast recognition.

I introduced myself to Lucas and he was kind enough to offer some photographs of his work for the purpose of the blog. Check it:

If I had a job and some disposable income, MouseSaw art is something I would be saving my pennies for. Their work is prominently displayed on, and intertwined with useable furniture. Functional and face-melting, two qualities I really admire. One of my favorite pieces was a large coffee table with an ornate Quidji Board on its surface.

The show runs through April 12th in Gallery Too. MouseSaw consists of Lucas Richards, Adam Leick and Derek Presnail.

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