Saturday, March 7, 2009

Zabriskie Point

An epic portrait of late Sixties America, as seen through the portrayal of two of its children.

I've owned the soundtrack for this Michelangelo Antonioni film for a few years, but I've never actually seen the movie. Like a regular internet gumshoe, I stumbled on this face melter of a trailer over at 12oz Prophets. All I can say is WHOA!

Here are some fun facts about this movie that I'm dying to see (courtesy of

+++Harrison Ford acted in the film, only to have his scenes cut. He still appears very briefly during the jail scene.

+++Antonioni approached Jim Morrison for a song for the soundtrack. The Doors recorded L'America which Antonioni rejected. That rules because The Doors might be the most overrated band of all-time.

+++A piano piece by Richard Wright of Pink Floyd went unused, but later reappeared as Us and Them, from Dark Side of the Moon.

+++The soundtrack features The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, John Fahey, The Youngbloods, and more.

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minx said...

Ha! I hate the Doors! I mean, really.