Monday, April 27, 2009

Plug Into Now

Sprint: Plug Into Now

Goodby has launched a site for Sprint that shows off the tools and capabilities of the mobile brand's Now Network broadband cards.

The site's busy interface offers a crapload of real-time informations (that word seems to work here) you can access with the cards including live news feeds, current world population, environmental factoids, countdowns and even flight stats.

This has been around for a while and perhaps some of you have wasted several hours of your lives (like me) trying to figure how this jerk of a widget knows how many emails are being sent right now or the amount of eggs being produced in tons currently. Or how many cells your body just produced. Or currently how many workers are out sick. I don't even care if it's made up entirely, it's still entertaining and makes my co-workers say "woooooaahhhh!" in unison.

Now if someone could figure out how to settle the argument of who is more badass: Jon McLean or Snake Plissken. I choose Snake Plissken because he can surf and wears an eyepatch. And he saved New York.


Not Dickless said...

If by Now you meant 5 months ago, I did.

Casey Brewer said...

Oh Donnie...

R. Falch said...