Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Research Team

Every few months the willing contributors of Suberbeast Creative get together and do a little research. We call ourselves The Research Team. Essentially this involves copious amounts of beer, nearly getting our asses kicked and Gastoffs. The funniest bar/shitty dance club in Minneapolis.

Did someone say research? Schwenny and I made a day of it. Here he is in his white jumpsuit inside the Creative Electric Studios art boat thing at Art-A-Whirl. Basically you walk into this house boat and it feels like someone broke a vile of blotter acid on your eyeball. I liked it.

The kind of shit that goes down at Gastoffs would embarrass a lot of gentle folks. These two were a jag bomb away from humping right there on the hardwood. I can only imagine the walk of shame this poor gal endured the next day whilst crawling out of this dude's bunk back at the dorms. Does that bench look familiar? Yep, puke bench.


Kent can actually come in handy when he isn't whining about something. Here he is helping me document the debauchery first hand. Thanks buddy, welcome to The Research Team.

Exhibit A: Douchebag Numero Uno.

This guy gave me the "hang loose" hand gesture before I could capture it on film. His pooka shells smelled of shame and Malibu. He may be wearing a Red Sox cap, but don't get it twisted. This dude is from the Island of Drakar.

That's Jake and his gal. A couple that drinks together, drinks together.

Jake's buddy Al feeding his stomach gremlin at Flameburger. A good guy with eyes bigger than his colon. We had to help him finish that beast.


Kent Carmichael said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I'm happy to be apart of the Research Team. Think it's time we did a little more research. Hooters? In twenty?

Jake Lancaster said...

Whatever happened to the Official Research Team Research Van we were going to get?

Who's poking Al with a fork?

Why does Al have a frilly lavender pin on his left breast?

Obviously summer research is upon is. Time to break out the lab coats.

Anonymous said...

Who was poking me with that fork? And is that mayo or miracle whip? The pin is pink in support of breast cancer. I'm a huge boob supporter. Pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you need a freelance/contract researcher. I have an excellent resume.


frank adam said...

More photo montages...PLEASE! This was amazing, but I need more. That douchebag looks like Huey Louis's son, son. Let's hope his dick is smaller than the king of white man, cover band, soul music. Word to the wise ladies, Huey has a giant dick. I got the info from the Cynthia Plastercaster documentary. Don't watch it.