Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kelley R.I.P.

*Update* Kelley was taken off life support this afternoon. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and memories here. He was a great friend and an original Superbeast.

As I write this, my good buddy Kelley Lynch is in intensive care suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

The doctors seem to think he had a seizure while walking to his bus stop after work on Tuesday evening. He tried to make it back to his store, before collapsing on the sidewalk. Needless to say, he has severe bleeding on his brain, and has already had major surgery on a blood clot.

Kelley and I went to ad school together and became fast friends. He was my partner on about 2/3rds of my student portfolio. Work that later helped me launch a career in advertising. Kelley didn't follow the same path, but I've always wondered what could have been had we entered the business together. We have always been tight and we frequently meet up for happy hour beers to discuss future art projects and the like. He's as gifted as anybody I've met in art and advertising, and a really good friend. A guy who is always there to listen to your problems, and crack a joke at your expense to lighten the mood.

I'm asking everybody to please keep Kelley in their thoughts. I'm not a praying man, but I've done a lot of that this week while shedding some pretty serious tears. The good news is that Kelley is one tough little shit, and he'll pull through this.

A website has been created for Kelley here at The Caring Bridge. Please visit and post your thoughts. Kelley's parents have requested that people NOT visit the hospital, as he is very vulnerable to illness.

Also, keep your ears open for a potential benefit concert.


Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry to hear about your friend, we went through a very similiar experience with Jeff. I read your friend's care pages and it brought back some pretty scary memories. Don't give up hope, it is amazing what the brain is capable of! Kepp sending him those positive vibes.

Casey Brewer said...

Thanks Jaime.

Kryss said...

I'm sorry Casey. It's been a trying few years on all of us, I know your friend can feel the love you've been putting out for him. I'm thinking of him too.

Anonymous said...

I am pulling for him, Casey...have been through a few Caring Bridge experiences with friends and family members and the good vibes from people, even strangers, can really help. Let me know if you need anything.

Andrea V.

minx said...

i'm so very sorry for your loss, casey.

americanmidwestsamurai said...

I've had the pleasure of sharing an assignment (Enterprise Renta Cars I believe) and a few beers with Kelley Lynch...that's all I, and probably anyone has ever needed to consider him a friend.

I saw him around, as he worked in my neighborhood. I caught him at local coffee shops and speakeasys from time to time--and though I can't say we were ever very close, his smile and impossibly unmistakable voice were always quick to greet me along with handshake and his gregarious pleasantries.

You will be missed Kelley Lynch. Rest in peace.


zara said...

OMG Holy crap. I can't believe this. Kelley was so amazing. Always had a smile for me when I saw him. Wow, I can't believe this. Casey I'm so sorry, beers should be drunk in his memory. What a sweet guy. What a sad day. I'll miss you Kelley.

R. Falch said...

kelley and i shared many projects, laughs, beers, stories and hours quoting mitch hedberg together.

i don't really know what to say, but i'll throw on some Misfits and have a beer for you tonight. you'll be missed.

frank adam said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend's family. I am very sorry for your loss.

Colin said...

I just received the beyond sad news that Kelley's life came to an end all too soon. I had the pleasure of having him in a class while an instructor at Brainco. What I remember most about Kelley was how well he handled himself maturity-wise as both a student and more importantly, a person. Never a poor attitude, a great work-ethic and always a friendly smile and humble yet jovial demeanor. I always felt there was an incredible intelligence and creative genius lying just underneath his often silent nature; quiet waters that ran very deep, if you will. This was confirmed after reading the outpouring of everyone else's memories and sentiments about this fine young man. I now feel an even greater tragedy is I didn't get to know him more. My most sincere condolences to his entire family and friends and apologies for this being belated.