Saturday, May 2, 2009

Superbeast Goes to Spain


Not sure what this was. They gave it to me when I ordered a beer. I believe there was meat & bean chunks inside. Very tasty.

Ham flavored Ruffles. And yes, that is a hoof on the picture.

Sausage window shopping.

Meat Market.

Possible Superbeast mascot?

Veil & Potatoes

I couldn't walk into a grocery store or street without seeing large carcasses of hung meat. Probably the most interesting sighting was when I was at a bar drinking. A dude walks in with what appeared to be a tennis racket inside it's case. But as he slung it on to the bar counter, I noticed a hoof sticking out. Apparently he was making a ham steak delivery. Don't worry, I got tested and I'm H1N1 free. Food was tasty, people were very nice. I'd recommend a trip there anytime.


Chris Wiggins said...


dschwen said...

Oh yeah. It also has a Percentage Daily Value for H1N1 of 7%.

frank adam said...
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frank adam said...

I'm sold. Ham Ruffles. Beer, meat and beans...women with lispy accents, wine, etc. Nice.

Casey Brewer said...

Very nice Dave. Superbeast is a regular globe trotter.