Friday, June 5, 2009

Lil King. Not a Superbeast.

Lil King, AKA The Kingsta. Born in 1992. TNS Entertainment (Top Notch Entertainment).

This is the dangerous side effect of shitty mainstream rap. The pasty abortion. The DNA on the sock so to speak.

Here's some highlights from his comment section on his Youtube page:

i fuckin hate kids...

im in the south, where you at cause im finna bust ya head

I wanna beat the shit out of you

I'm sure your mother would be proud.
Congrats on being an embarrassment to her and yourself.

you are a fucking waste of life. end yourself

did he reference Oprah?

whoops i almost hung myself upon hearing this


Drink bleach.

Thanks to the Lords of Apathy folks for digging this up.


frank adam said...

The really sad thing is he is better than Soulja Boy. Can you really blame some undereducated white boy from North Carolina or Virginia or Kentucky for thinking he can rap as good as Birdman or Soulja Boy? He's a dumb kid. When I was 17 I was wearing African beads and jerseys pretending my middle class Chicago neighborhood was Brooklyn. I mimicked NAS on the live at the BBQ freestyle. Cut this little weenie a break. He will be a kick ass bag boy at Safeway one day.

Casey Brewer said...


frank adam said...

Is there a better word to describe a teenage, white, rapper than weenie? Lil' King is the quintessential weenie. I think he would be fun at my kid's 3rd birthday party. Now to have some unprotected sex.