Sunday, June 21, 2009

Superpower Rap Battle : USA vs. China


Once again China is kicking our collective asses. I don't know if we can blame eight years of Bush educational policies that left every child behind, the mainstream media, or maybe this has more to do with cultural sociology. It does bother me that a Chinese kid, with a dip-dye mullet, and braces just faded America's young, rising rap superstar, Lil'King. I think it's time we admit our defeat and start genuflecting to our Chinese overlords.


Casey Brewer said...

Nah, Lil' King AKA the Kingsta has this math rap nerd beat.

Kidding, King couldn't hold this kid's jizz sock.

frank adam said...

I know...and the kid rips it in front of a computer with a big ass bottle of Vaseline lotion next to the ink jet printer. That's what you call...not giving two f$cks. Play on playa.

Scott said...

Is it a problem that I noticed that Chinese kid has a giant thing of lotion on his computer desk? I mean come on...if you're about to spit fire, don't leave evidence of your previous masturbation session for all eyes to see.