Monday, July 20, 2009

The Scorpions. I'm Going Mad. 1972.

This is a repost from the world's most dangerous music blog, A FACEMELTING BLOG OF STAGGERING RIFFAGE.

Who would have thunk it.

If you can ignore the obvious Spinal Tap "Stonehenge" jokes, this early Scorpions shit is pretty badass. The Schenker brothers come off like an extension of Tony Iommi's pickin' hand in this epic tale of neurosis and paranoia.

Most Germans are inherently weird, but this video makes these guys seem like regular dudes. Sorta.

I love the footage of the band frolicking through the wilderness. A staple of early 1970's music video. "Klaus, I vant you to leap and jump for joy in dis scene, you are going are going mad"

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frank adam said...

I love everything about this! I had no idea The Scorpions were the German/prog/metal Pink Floyd of Bavaria. Thanks again Brewer! You bastard.