Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sooooooul Train

Last year back in September, a prof of mine in ad grad school (Charles Hall, a beast of his own right) tried to get us white kids to loosen up a little. We had to do a Soul Train line dance in front of all our peers as a creative thinking exercise. Back in the dark ages of 2008, there were barely any vids to be found. Soul Train Maestro, Don Cornelius was as tight with his copyrighted material as the estate of Bob Ross (try and find some happy little trees on YouTube!).

Now that Cornelius has sold his empire, the new owners have loosened up a little and through the magic of the interwebs you can go back to 1973 and experience a line dance of your own. Pay close attention to the awesome style but also to a special guest appearance at about 1:08.

Not only did they dance for an hour, but there were some funky appearances too. None of that lip synching that Dick Clark made everyone do on American Bandstand either. Check out Aretha Franklin's Rock Steady.

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