Monday, August 3, 2009

When Bums Cry

On Saturday I went to eat hot dogs down at the Pike Place Market (you can read about my exploits over at Buddies and Hot Dogs), while filling my face full of encased meat, I spied this pile of bums sunning themselves in the 100 degree Emerald City heat.

One of the bums tried haplessly to stand on his feet. After falling flat on his face about 20 times, he started crying. Really super loud. Like real baby tears. Screaming like he needed his diaper changed, or he wanted a bit of the tit.

He finally got to his feet and let out a guttural howl, heard throughout Seattle proper. It didn't last for long, as he wobbled about, and then quickly slammed face-first into the dirt again.

With the grace of drunken bull in a miniature ceramic collectible doll shop, the bum miraculously propped himself up on the tree.

He then promptly shit himself.

And that's when I left.


janie mo said...

that bum was explaining my emotions to the world.

Michael said...

You left way to soon!

sewall said...

Here in Bemidji, he'd have had a knife.

______ said...

I hear people say "oh he/she is such a free spirit, they are so free". I say do us all a favor and go fuck yourself. This guy is a REAL free spirit. This is some fucking freedom.

Casey Brewer said...