Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seattle Art FAIL.

Damnit. Even the street art here in Seattle is pretentious. You know a city is so overwhelmed with hipster dorks that the wheat paste is a narcissistic self reflection. Thanks for ruining my day you coffee swilling, Chomsky reading, fixey gear wheelin' weenie.

My buddy JT jumped in to mug and stick a thumb up this Wanksta's ass.


Anna the Cain said...

I'm going to make it my goal to projectile vomit on that sign. Just for you.

homeostatic said...

Fair enough. But why is the depicted eunuch contemplating a placenta?

janie mo said...

white people are so annoying.

Casey Brewer said...

The same artist that made this also owns a "eco-tee-shirt design" company. All the tee images are of bikes, and nerds on bikes.

I already knew that before I knew that, Captain Obvious.