Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lost White Ferret.

As far as domesticated animals as pets go, ferrets rank one notch above snakes and scorpions on the personality scale. They're basically elongated rats that stink like rotten broccoli. They're ornery loners with razor blade teeth and exacto knife claws. Cuddling with them is nearly impossible unless you want some sloppy reconstructive surgery.

Their owners? Well, they have super long hair. The kind that gets stuck in their butts when they wipe. They make dream catchers and waste entire weekends watching Battlestar Galactica.

You can understand why so many ferrets leave.

This little buddy has been lost for a little over a year. I fear the worst, but I'm holding out hope that he's found a friend in one of the bazillion bums in this town. That or maybe he's found solace in the feral lifestyle.

If only he could hear me call his name.

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janna said...

HA! Casey Brewer you make me laugh.