Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ultimate Vacation Dudes.

This isn't really topical anymore, but here's a little recap of the Mexican sessions.

A couple of Ultimate Vacation Dudes just spent a week in the beautiful island paradise of Cozumel. Tony and Rick Radical made the most of their Mexican adventure by partying with ex-pats, closing down the cantinas and sticking their feet in the white sand beaches of Quintana Roo.

Well rested and tanned to the max, the fellas and their band Los Chupcabros recorded an album entitled simply "The Island Sessions". The album was deemed to hot for stateside, so it was buried deep within the cenote caves in Tulum. It is rumored that the caves are home to the ghosts of virgins, sacrificed by Mayan holy men.

In an effort to recoup their losses on the million-peso production budget, the Crude Dudes opened an island beach bar called Radicalz. It was here where they met a man known only as Jim. A 26-year veteran of the island.

Upon introduction, Jim stated that he was a piano player in a Mexican whorehouse. This perked the dude’s interest and they became fast friends. Jim joined the band shortly thereafter, recording the songs "Flip Flops and Tank Tops" and "This Old Gold Chain Done Turned Green on me Again."

Per advice from his "therapist," Jim left the band to pursue others endeavors, involving hot oil and hammocks. He was never seen again.

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