Sunday, April 4, 2010

Victoria Jackson: The Dumbest Human on the Planet.

It would be fantastic if this was all an elaborate hoax by an astute comedic genius.

Washed up SNL'er and stand-up veteran Victoria Jackson has reinvented herself as a mouth breathing, xenophobic, racist, fear monger. She was a huge hit on Fox News during the Presidential election, and she's still lingering about that part of the cable wasteland with her new schtick. And all those years on SNL I thought the dumb blonde bit was a gag.

I'm surprised she has the mental fortitude to hold her head up. Or get out of bed in the morning. Or dress herself. This woman is a handful of IQ points smarter than a hang nail. Can the right be excited that Victoria Jackson is a spokesperson for their party? Pair her with Palin and Bachman and you have the Three Stooges in lipstick and power suits.

On a separate topic, my new favorite thing to do is to watch Glenn Beck for the commercials. The quality of advertisers running during his show is hilarious i.e. Denture cleaner, Grandma diapers, Penis enlargers, Egg cookers, The Jewelry Exchange, and Smart For Life cookies.

Thanks again Lords of Apathy for reminding me of this turd in the gene pool.


Extreme Ash said...



There are no words. None.

To describe how gross this woman makes me feel.

Casey Brewer said...