Tuesday, September 13, 2011

War is Hell.

After Schrein-Time's wedding on Saturday, ol' Sweet River and I spotted a full on LARPing battle going on in the soccer field next to the Clise Mansion. There were at least 40-50 nerds playing NERF war with custom made guns, rocket launchers, blow-darts, swords, and dirt 'staches. This little critter was one of my favorites. An authentic 16 year old hesher. He was outfitted with long hair, a sweet moustache, an Iron Maiden shirt, and knee pads. His custom crafted weapon of choice shoots 6 separate NERF bullets up to 40 yards at a sniper's precision. He carried with him 4 separate firearms that were fastened in strategic places all over his body.

He reminded us of the little feral kid from the Road Warrior.

The rules of the game were complex, but essentially it was two teams against each other. Once you've been hit by a NERF bullet, you transform into a zombie and must use hand-to-hand weaponry like swords or staffs. Zombies are a major pain in the ass. The nerds were kind enough to let Sweet River play a round. He claims he shot 6 nerds, but all I saw was a lot of barrel rolls, and kamikazi style theatrics. His age really showed.

As the war correspondent, I have about 300 pictures of the blood-thirsty battle on my phone. I'll post a proper story on the siege soon.

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