Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rotary Connection.

On paper, the idea of a psychedelic band with an epic soul vocalist wailing from the mountaintop makes perfect sense. In actuality, it's tough to pull off. Rotary Connection was one of the few bands to create this lightly treaded musical landscape. This kaleidoscope of influences. A complicated wall of sound consisting of California psyche, Chicago soul, and classical orchestration. A frog-licking trance masterpiece.

The band was conceived by Marshall Chess, son of Chess Records founder Leonard Chess, in 1966. He wanted to create music that couldn't be filed under typical blues or rock offerings. He called upon a little known rock outfit named Proper Strangers and then Chess secretary, Minnie Riperton.

Charles Stepney was appointed to produce the effort. His arrangements were brought to life by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, creating the hallmark, heavy, multi-layered topography of the Rotary Connection sound.

Brooding, levitation worthy shit.

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