Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Hotter than a Depot Stove."

"I Never Cared For You"

Ever since I returned from pheasant hunting on the Medicine Breaks, the old dusty pit and I have been listening to a lot of 60's era Willie Nelson at the den. This brand of Willie is so much better than the Red Headed Stranger stuff it's silly. Just easy drinking tunes from a sad, paunchy faced loner.

"Mr. Record Man"

Before he was pulling knife hits off the tour bus camp stove, and pining with Dolly's big fake titties at the Grammy Awards, Willie Hugh Nelson looked like a pretty smooth operator. Albeit a tad on the shy side.

"Hello Walls"

I prefer the Faron Young version better, but catching "a half hour of good country music and fun" on the Porter Wagoner show makes up for the brevity and awkwardness of this one.

Thanks to Garrett for the fine recommendations.


Veronica March said...

weird to see him singing without Trigger...awkward

Not Dickless said...

Is it a cover if he wrote it?

Casey Brewer said...

Jesus Christ Donnie, I shoulda known you would come and nerd this up. Error amended.

Anonymous said...

Calls to mind: Del Reeves', Girl on the Highway and Glen Campbell's, Witchata Lineman (Written by Jimmy Webb in '68).

Love 5o's and 60's country or "Western" as I like to call it. When it was honest and authentic, had real style and told a vivid story.

-The Uncs.