Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My pal Josh and I made a mad scramble to Portland this past weekend to check out the Portland Bazaar and maybe pick him up a new motorbike. He was eyeballing a 1984 Honda Nighthawk, the kind of bike Hasselhoff probably rode between scenes on the set of Night Rider. If Japanese anime was a motorcycle, that bike is on some Robotech shit for real. Anyway, the dude selling it never returned Josh's calls or e-mails after we had confirmed we would be coming down from Seattle. Thanks dick. Instead we looked at some Suziki piece of shit that was rusting out. No dice.

The trip was still worth it. A quick run through the bazaar looking at totes for dudes, an amazing meatball banh mi sandwich at the Lardo truck, pounding criminally delicious beers at Amnesia brewing, and howling with some good buddies was just what the doctor ordered. I like Portland.

Sometimes an amazing photo opportunity just appears right in front of your eyes. The lime green ghetto sled contrasting with the dark brown bungalow was just that. 

The meatball banh mi from Lardo. One of the better sandwiches I've had in a while. It rivals the lemongrass/Elk meatball banh mi from the now defunct Nettletown.

This woman woke up and just puked Portland all over her bodice.

Some love from the buddies is a welcome distraction for this beast.

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