Friday, March 2, 2012

The Beasts.

On production for a top secret project, we worked with the wonderful wizards at Animated FX in Torrance, CA. These guys worked out of a small, dark warehouse space, like craftsman from another era. They were former Henson puppeteers that broke off to create their own advanced animatronic animals. Many of which have appeared in film. 

Most of these creatures would take three puppeteers to control, each working a specific part of the body. All of them featured robotic parts and features that helped bring the beasts to life. A subtle nose twitch goes a long way in making the animatronics come to life.

The puppeteers themselves seemed enamored with their creations. They took great care of each animal, and finessed their movements to come off as life-like as possible. We imagined that these old men would bring their puppets home and eat dinner with them, and talk about their busy day together. 

Here's a glimpse into their magically fucked-up world.

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