Monday, March 5, 2012

Chopped and Screwed CB450K7.

Moto enthusiast, metal head, and all around Pacific Northwest shredder Andrew Devansky has been wrenching a bit on his Honda CB450K7. His bike has gone through quite the transformation. Check out his progress.

The original.

Chopped tail stylee.

The current state.

In Andrew's own words:

It's a 1974 Honda CB450K7 w/ Cl/Scrambler pipes. Side fire extensions were added to the pipes and heat wrapped along the side (its very very loud). The carbs were then re-jetted and pod style air filters added. All the electrical has been stripped besides the head light, tail/stop light, and hidden power switch (bike is kick only). All gauges were removed. Front fender was removed and rear is chopped about half way up the wheel. Stock handle bars were removed and cafe style clip-ons added with only clutch and front brake levers on the bars. Just finished filling dents and emblem mounts on the tank, painted "Almond" and ready to go to the pinstriper. Lastly the tail will get steel loop added where the new tail/stop right will be mounted. 

Still needs a bit of work but it's getting there!

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