Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Grim Creeper.

The 1972 El Camino. AKA The Grim Creeper. AKA Lone Wolf Wagon.

This glorious beast is currently for sale in San Francisco for $5500. I'm seriously considering making it my very own. I need a parking spot ASAP. A home for this street slayer to find respite after a weary night of prowling the strip. 

The only music this ride plays is "Don't Fear the Reaper." On repeat, always. Anybody out there know how to airbrush Frazetta illustrations? Hit me up.


Not Dickless said...

Holy jesus, that's in great shape. How many miles?

Casey Brewer said...

Not sure of the mileage. Looks so clean though.

Anonymous said...

The Z-28 wheels look good. They make an SS model as well. Very cool.

-The Uncs.

cha said...

that! is my dream car. please buy it.