Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SF Sights.

These are just a few shots I've taken that I feel really sum up SF for me thus far. Most of these pictures were taken after I've imbibed in a few beers, so bear with the quality. 

Boot cut flares are the future. She blew the hem out on these beauties to let the world know she means serious business. I sat staring at these for 35 minutes, contemplating what type of person would wear such beastly flares. I surmised that she was most likely a die-hard Tom Petty super fan. 

Amazing vintage turntable combo/PA system at Homestead bar in the Mission. The dj only played 78's of classic shit. Very nice. I can see how this bar would turn into a hipster shit show on a friday night, but Mondays are pretty tame.

Terry's Lodge is a dive bar on my street. It's still not my favorite place in the neighborhood, that honor goes for the sad little dump called The Silver Spur. Terry's Lodge doesn't have any windows though, so that's pretty cool.

An Audubon print in the bathroom of the Wayfare Tavern. An amazing restaurant/bar in the financial district. It's impossible to get a reservation there, but I've managed to eat dinner twice in the bar area. The Mussels and pork belly is a savory fucking taste sensation. Enjoy it, dudes. Think of it as a diversion from the tumult and despair of everyday life.


First Lady of Mt.Holly said...

it's always fun to get a peek into your world!

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