Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1960 Ford F-100. 292 Wide Block V8.

The 1960 Ford F-100 292 Wide Block V8. Three on the tree. Pop a wheelie if you hit just right.

I bought this exact truck while living in Montana. I paid $500 for it. I'm on the hunt for another one. Put the word out on the streets, superbeasts.

I found this shitter on the intertubez. "It earned every ding and dent."


Anonymous said...

I saw on old Dodge Powerwagon coming up the canyon on my way down from Lair O' the Bear on Tuesday. It appeared to have years of accumulated patina, light surface rust and all, but the wheels, chrome, bumpers and glass were all fresh. A nice juxtaposition. Sort of rat-ride lite if you like. I thought it was a cool look.

-The Uncs.

Rosewkvf said...

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