Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sniffin' Freedom.

The 2012 Mad Isle kicked off with a bang when my mom yelled at me to wake up. I was late to pick up my rental Harley from Midwest Motorcycle in Minneapolis. I overslept because I was hungover from imbibing with some pals on my mom's deck the night before. I was imbibing because I was on vacation.

I met the majority of our rag-tag crew at Bob's Java Hut in Minneapolis. The Mayor, Tenebrini, Hamerbeck, and Nate rolled up to meet me as I dismounted from the grossest, gaudiest Fat Boy I had ever seen. From there we overshot our next destination of Marine on the St. Croix by about 20 miles. We were headed there to meet up with Sweet River and my uncle Kevin. After Sweet River's palatial estate, we headed up to Madeline Island on Lake Superior. Mount up, dudes.

The sunset from the ferry headed over to Mad Isle. We had just encountered a Black Bear on the road just outside of the Red Cliff Indian Reservation. I had to come to a complete stop on the moto as the bear reared up, looked at me dead and the eyes and loped off across the highway. He knew a tight bro when he saw one. 

The Mayor representing freedom in every way possible. 

The gross Fat Boy I was riding.

The scene outside of the Spot Bar in some shit hole Wisconsin town. There were a ton of guys that looked exactly the same here. So did their bikes. Follow your own road, bros.

Suiting up for a night ride back to Tom's Burnt Down Bar on Mad Isle.

The only bike worth taking a picture of on the island. A little custom Sporty.

Here's our gang inspecting some tipis that we were potentially going to sleep in.

*photos courtesy of myself and Steve Tenebrini.

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