Monday, August 20, 2012

New Axe.

I took a drive out to Tiburon to check out Schoenberg Guitars per a recommendation from my pal Cary. Upon arrival I realized I walked into a luthier's wet dream. The guitars that filled the walls in the tiny space were gorgeous vintage players with astronomical prices. I played about 7 different guitars and landed on the Recording King RAJ - 126. 

A shot of the Schoenberg wall of fame. Most of the guitars ranged in price from about 2k-10k. Too rich for my blood, but fun to look at.

The Recording King RAJ - 126 that I ended up going home with. I love the sunburst finish and ode to the old Gibson jumbos. It's a slope shouldered guitar that makes the mid-range really hum. The lower price point and handmade craftsmanship sealed the deal. She's a nice player. Real, real nice.

Here's the new beast residing in my living room after a thorough work out. Welcome home.

If you ever swing through Tiburon, be sure to check out Schoenberg. I met the namesake of the place as he was refretting a vintage Martin worth more than my life. Nice folk.

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